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Fiber Arts Products

All Fiber Arts products from Shear Perfection Ranch are handled through out fiber arts store, Skein Train LLC.  These items include, raw wool, roving, handspun yarns and finished goods. Click on the train below to visit the Skein Train Store

Butcher Lamb

SPR occasionally has butcher lamb available.  We sell on the hoof and you can pick up the animal or have us deliver to a local butcher of your choice.  Animals are generally around 100 lbs hanging weight.  Buyer is responsible for paying butcher.  If you would like to be notified when SPR has a butcher lamb available please sign up for our newsletter.

Goat Milk for Soaps

New Mexico State Law prevents us from selling raw goat milk for human or animal consumption without having a grade a dairy.  While we would love to pursue that option at this time it is financially not feasible for us. If you need goats milk for soap making we sell it for $6 per gallon.  Supply is based on availablity.  At this time we are milking 3 goats so supply is limited. If we have lambs or kids in need of bottle feeding (none at this time) the supply dwindles.  Email to order
Revenues generated by these products go into supporting the sheep breed conservations projects we are involved in.