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Shear Perfection Ranch has been breeding California Red Sheep for around 30 years.  As it became clear that the breed was diminishing in numbers and needed a wider genetic pool to survive SPR became the initial participant in the California Red Sheep Rebuilding project. While doing research on the bloodlines available from the Tunis and Barbados Blackbelly breeds, SPR found that these breeds also were on conservation watch lists.  Rather than take animals away from their respective breeds, SPR pledged to breed purebreds from both of these participating breeds in order to contribute genetics to each of these breeds also. After gathering the best Tunis and Barbados Blackbelly genetics we could find, SPR added new divisions to the ranch, Roadrunner Tunis and Enchantment Barbados Blackbellies.  Recently, SPR added a newly developed breed, American Ladybug Sheep, that came out of color disqualifiers coming out of the CA Red Rebuilding Project.
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