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Tunis Sheep History

History of the Tunis Sheep The Tunis Sheep is a distinctive American breed fashioned from, what most accounts describe as “fat- tailed,” and “Barbary,” sheep imported from North Africa and the Middle East in 1799. They are often linked to prominent American colonists including George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and Judge Richard Peters. Eventually, in reference to their geographic origin (Tunisia), these sheep became known as Tunis. Tunis Sheep quickly became favored for the flavor of their meat and their tolerance of heat and humidity. They were soon strongly entrenched in the mid-Atlantic region and the Southeast. Tunis Sheep were the primary breed of sheep in the Southern States until the Civil War wiped out substantial numbers. While still on the ALBC watch list, Tunis Sheep have been re-establish in all parts of the continental U.S. with breeders in 42 states. Strangely enough 3 of the states lacking breeders are Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama in the Southeast where Tunis were once king. Characteristics of the Tunis Sheep  Stunning red color  Feed efficiency  Creamy white wool  Long lives  Easy birthing  High rate of twinning  Excellent mothering  Heavy milking  Docile temperament  High carcass yields  Fine flavor  Extended season  Heat tolerance and vigor  Tunis sheep have a lot to offer!
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