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Isn’t money always a

necessity around the farm.

With hay prices tripling the past year, keeping the stock fed is the number one priority.

Glass Milk Jugs

One Gallon or Half Gallon milk jugs are in demand around here.  If you’ve got some sitting out in shed not being used the ewes and does need them for storing their daily production.


Lambing season requires lots and lots of towels.  If you have some that are a little tattered and ready to be retired from the bathroom, those are perfect. 

Wash Cloths

The dairy girls need a fresh wash rag every day.  So, again, a little tattered is okay with them.  Washing and bleaching daily wears them out in a hurry.  Wash clothes have short lives here,


Sheep farms never have enough gates. Any size, any style.


There is always a need for fencing, fence panels, pallets, anything that keeps the critters contained.
Friends of the farm are always asking what the ranch needs.  So we developed a list.  Some of it is stuff you may have laying around and your not using.  Anything is appreciated to keep cost down.