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American Ladybug Sheep History

American Ladybug Sheep don't have a history, but they do have a story.   They originated right here at Shear Perfection Ranch, a few years into the California Red Sheep Rebuilding Project.  After scouring the country for the best Tunis and Barbados Blackbelly bloodlines available lambs were hitting the ground with the expected improvements in conformation and hybrid vigor.  However, there was one highly unexpected result.  While the expectation was that 50% would carry the Barbados Blackbelly markings, there were and still are, at the time of this writing, no badgerface lambs from the crosses.  The surprise, white poll spots that ran all the way down the face, black spots appearing randomly anywhere and everywhere on the body and even white lambs with red spots.  Nothing irritates a livestock breeder more than having to cull outstanding individuals for a color flaw.  After all, it doesn't affect the meat, wool or  milk, so why throw away outstanding genetics.  At some point, Shear Perfection Ranch made the decision to create its own breed from these outstanding rejects.  The American Ladybug Sheep was born.  Any combination of Tunis, Barbados Blackbelly or California Red regardless of color is acceptable to the American Ladybug Sheep Registry, as long as Barbados Blackbelly percentages do not exceed 32.5% thus insuring that the wool qualities are maintained in the new breed.