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 Fanning flames of passion for three rare breeds of stunning red sheep & some wonderful big hearted dogs!


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A Division of Shear Perfection Ranch

The Ewes

 Tunis Ewe Triple T 805 Ede  Triple T 816 Mickey  Tunis Ewe Triple T 916

 Triple T 805...Ede

Ede has been exposed to Lone Star Sumo for possible October lambs.

 Triple T 816...Mickey

Mickey is a sweetheart.  She came bred to Red Rhyder and produced a beautiful ram lamb, who we have dubbed "Rhooster"

 Triple T 916...June

This classy ewe also came to us bred to Red Rhyder. She delivered a very flashy ram lamb. He will be "Baa Masterson"  

 Tunis Ewe-Triple T 1126 Stiletto  

Tunis Ewe Triple T 1031

 Tunis Ram-Red Rhyder

Triple T 1126...Stiletto

She came to us bred to Red Rhyder. She presented us with a striking ewe lamb, named Patty's Sweet Dreams.

Triple T 1031...Designer Genes

Also bred to Red Rhyder, she produced a stylish ewe lamb we named Daisy Dukes. 

Just for reference...this is the daddy, Red Rhyder.

 The Lambs


Patty's Sweet Dreams

 Baa Masterson

 Daisy Dukes  Rhooster

 Patty's Sweet


Baa Masterson

Daisy Dukes