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Shear Perfection Ranch

Shear Perfection Ranch California Red Sheep -Peekabaa StreetPO Box468

La PlataNM  87418

(505) 325-2837






THIS AGREEMENT is to certify that Shear Perfection Ranch hereinafter referred to as Seller; and __________ (Buyers name) hereinafter referred to as Buyer; have entered into an agreement for purchase of the registered or registerable California Red Sheep described below and on the terms and conditions set forth herein.


£           Ram

£           Ewe

£           Starter Herd (1 ram plus 4 ewes) less 10% discount

Flock#                    Registration#                      Name               

Flock#                    Registration#                      Name              

Flock#                    Registration#                      Name               

Flock#                    Registration#                      Name               

Flock#                    Registration#                      Name               


For a consideration of the purchase price in the amount of $                (50% deposit), Seller agrees to sell Buyer the above described California Red Sheep. The full purchase price of $                      , is to be paid in full prior to the sheep leaving Shear Perfection Ranch.


1) Seller does guarantee that the above described animal is free and clear from all liens, encumbrances, or charges of any kind whatsoever, at this date, and that there are no sums due or about to become due against above animal for work or labor done, board, or breeding fees, and do hereby warrant and defend same against any and all claims whatsoever.

2) Seller warrants said sheep to have no known undisclosed health problems, unsoundness, or unusual behaviors.

3) Seller shall transfer all owner and registration papers of the above described sheep to the Buyer, once payment is received in full.  Or, in the event the sheep is too young to qualify for registry, Seller will guarantee the sheep for registry for all characteristics with the exception of weight.  Should the sheep become ineligible for registry (excluding death), Seller will replace the sheep with a registered California Red Sheep of the same sex and equal value as soon as Seller has a suitable replacement available.  In the event of replacement, the unqualified candidate shall be returned to Seller, unless other arrangements are agreed upon.

4) Seller agrees to hold animals described by flock/registration number above for the deposit amount indicated in Buyer paragraph 1 below for 60 days at no extra charge.  At the end of 60 days, Buyer will be charged $2.00/per day/sheep for feed/board.

5) Seller agrees to release physical possession of sheep to Buyer after the full purchase price of $                        and any other agreed upon costs and expenses have been paid in full.  Out-of-State check will not be accepted within five (5) days of release.

5) Should any of the animals listed above die, become ill or otherwise become unsuitable for sale prior to final payment and pick up of the sheep, Seller agrees to replace said sheep with a registered or registerable California Red Sheep of the same sex and equal value.

6)  Seller makes no future warrantees of health, soundness (physical or breeding) or temperament issues of the above described sheep.

7) This Agreement shall be governed, construed and interpreted by, through and under the Laws of the State of New Mexico.


1) Buyer agrees to the following payment for purchase as follows: A nonrefundable deposit in the amount of $                      at the time of this offer; with a balance of $                       due prior to animals leaving Shear Perfection Ranch.

2) Buyer is responsible for all veterinary, livestock inspection, transportation, or boarding expenses attributed to the above described sheep in order to complete a legal transfer of the sheep  from La Plata, San Juan County New Mexico to                                  . Sheep will not be release until these costs have been in full.

3) A boarding fee of $2.00 per day per head will be initiated beginning 60 days from the signing of this contract should the above described sheep remain under Sellers physical possession.  In the case of packages including lambs the 60 day period will begin on the date of weaning (weaning date is 60 days from birth.)

4) Buyer is responsible for shipping fees and arranging transportation of above described sheep to Buyer’s location.  Buyer is responsible for communicating and giving Seller adequate notice of the planned pick up schedule so that the required veterinary testing, CVI and livestock inspections can be obtained prior to the sheep departing Shear Perfection Ranch.

6) Buyer agrees to hold seller harmless from any loss or injury to said sheep including any sickness, disease, theft, death, or injury suffered by the above described once the sheep have left Shear Perfection Ranch.



Shear Perfection Ranch



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