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 Fanning flames of passion for three rare breeds of stunning red sheep & some wonderful big hearted dogs!


California Red Sheep Ewes

Easy Handling

California Red Sheep ewes are generally inquisitive, friendly and easy to work with as long as you work quietly.  We have ours trained to come in from the pasture upon command. 

California Red Sheep ewes at Shear Perfection Ranch

Ease of Lambing

By and large California Red Sheep ewes lamb without assistance.  Occasionally, we have to pull one, but we think that's because we panic.  If we weren't there we pretty sure they would do the job without us.  During the most recent lambing season 90% of the births were unassisted.

Attentive Mothers

California Red Sheep birthMature California Red Sheep ewes have strong mothering instincts.  They are attentive without being overbearing.  Protective while still encouraging the lambs to explore. 

California Red Sheep ewe-Willow with son Thorn

Multiple Births

California Red Sheep TripletsTwins are the norm with California Red Sheep, singles are most common to first time mothers.  Triplets are not consider unusual; and, while we have not had them, several sets of quads have been reported through the Registry. 



Excellent Milk Producers

California Red Sheep lamb after nursingCalifornia Red Sheep ewes produce milk high in milk solids and in their prime milk quantities are ample for the multiple lambs they bring forth.  There has been talk of California Reds being suitable for hobby farm dairies, however, we have not seen the results of any studies done to try to confirm that.  We know a majority of our lambs are big, fat and happy.

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