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 Fanning flames of passion for three rare breeds of stunning red sheep & some wonderful big hearted dogs!


2017 Lambs due in mid-AprilFeb 2016 lambs

2016 Shear Perfection Ranch Lamb Crop

Photo  Birth Birth Date Name Birth Weight Gender Sire Dam
 SP Chicks Dig Me Unassisted 13 Jan 2016

 SP Chicks Dig Me (Digger)




SP JamaicanEmSeeRed
 SP Chick Flick Unassisted 22 Jan 2016 SP Chick Flick (Flicka)  9.13 Ewe   Rhooster
SP Shirley Ewe Jest
 SP Ticket to Ride Unassisted 28 Jan 2016  SP Ticket to Ride (TicTac)



 Ewe   Road Trip
SP Divided Royalty
 SP Magic Carpet Ride Unassisted 28 Jan 2016  SP Magic Carpet Ride (Maggie) 6.00  Ewe   Road Trip SP Divided Royalty
 SP Tickle Me Pinkerton Unassisted 1 Feb 2016

 SP Tickle Me Pinkerton (Pinkie)

 7.63 Ewe 

Shearlock Holmes

SP Feather Rose
 SP Tour on Ice Unassisted

Feb 2016

 SP Tour on Ice (Toi)  10.63 Ewe   Road Trip
SP Red-Headed Stranger




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