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Shear Perfection Ranch

Anatolian Shepherd Dogs.Shear Perfection Ranch Maximus, Anatolian Shepherd


Possible litter in May, 2014.  Waiting list is filling fast; contact us if interested. 

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Anatolian Shepherd Dog-Misleading Name

Don't be mislead by the name "Anatolian Shepherd Dog." The Anatolian is not a herding dog, but rather a livestock protection or guardian dog. These dogs have a history that appears to go back thousands of years to ancient areas in and around Turkey. They were selectively bred by nomadic herders to independently guard their livestock.

Characteristics of Today's Anatolian

Anatolian Shepherd Dog with her California Red Sheep family 

As a result, the Anatolian of today demonstrates the ability to withstand harsh climates with both extreme hot or cold conditions. They are independent yet loyal to their family unit which may include both human and livestock members.

They demonstrate both speed and size; the speed necessary to confront threats and the size to take on large predators like coyotes, bears, wolves and mountain lions. Having said that, it must be pointed out that the Anatolian seldom needs to resort to fighting predators off.

 Anatolians take best vantage point at Shear Perfection Ranch

From our observations at Shear Perfection Ranch, the Anatolians establish a protective area toward the center of the property with an outer defensive sector surrounding it. They pick a vantage point from which they can see the entire property. Their defense posturing is slowly progressive. The initial barking is a mild yet confident warning to observed predators or intruders that there are better places for them to be. If that warning is not sufficient, the next is a more rapid, agressive alarm bark which serves a dual purpose. It tells the intruder that the Anatolians mean business and it tells the sheep to retreat to the central protective zone. If there is more than one Anatolian on duty, one dog generally takes command of the outer perimeter while the other is stationed just outside the central protective area with the livestock. Actual confrontations with intruders occur rarely and only after warnings go unheeded.




Anatolians Not for Everyone

If you tend to spoil your dogs and let them run the show, then Anatolians are not for you. Anatolian owners must establish their position as pack leader, otherwise you will not be able to socialize your Anatolian to be obedient in unfamilar surroundings and around unfamiliar people. If you are unfamiliar with the techniques of establishing pack leadership we recommend introducing yourself to The Dog Whisperer and Leader of the Pack



 Anatolian Stats

Males average 29-32 inches tall and 100-145 pounds.

Females average 27-31 inches tall and 88-120 pounds.

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