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Barbados Blackbelly Breeding Rams

We have made our first acquisition of Barbados Blackbelly breeding stock and are extremely excited about the genetic quality they will be bringing to both our Barbados Blackbelly breeding program and our California Red Sheep Rebuilding Project.

Introducing Lone Star Sumo

Barbados Blackbelly Ram - Lone Star Sumo 


2011 Ram Lone Star JamaicanMeCrazy

Barbados Blackbelly ram JamaicanMeCrazyBarbados Blackbelly Ram Lone Star JamaicanMeCrazy

We are very excited about what Jamaican brings to our breeding program because his genetics trace back to the University of the Virgin Islands. He carries exceptional length of loin, good bone and balance.

Both of these rams have delightful and calm dispositions which we look forward to them passing along to future generations of Barbados Blackbelly and California Red Sheep progeny.

Thank you to Becky & Mike Lannon of Lone Star Farm and Cynthia & Eldon Andersen of Wild Rose Farm for giving us the opportunity to own these fine animals.