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A Division of Shear Perfection Ranch

Here are the Barbados Blackbelly girls we purchased for Lone Star Sumo and Lone Star JamaicanMeCrazy and to be used in the California Red Sheep Rebuilding Project.

 Barbados Blackbelly ewe Agnes  Barbados Blackbelly ewes Agnes + Wild Rose Elvira
 Barbados Blackbelly Ewe Wild Rose Elaine  Agnes, Wild Rose Elvira and Wild Rose Elaine were selected for the California Red Sheep Breeding Project at Shear Perfection Ranch.  They are currently being exposed to Tunis Ram, Uptown 1201 (Barn name: Road Trip) by Big RRig x Garey 0256 . We believe the produce of these first crosses will lay a strong foundation for the future of the California Red Sheep breed.

The ewes shown below are being bred to Lone Star Sumo for our purbred Barbados Blackbelly Program

 Wild Rose Ella + Wild Rose Eldora  Agnes, Wild Rose Elvira, Wild Rose Elaine, Wild Rose Ella, Wild Rose Eldora and the 2012 ewe lambs show below will be rotated between the California Red Sheep Rebuilding Project and the purebred Barbados Blackbelly program.
 BB Ewe 2012 Fergie Fiona Fern  

left Arrow 2012 Ewe Lambs

Wild Rose Fern

Wild Rose Fergie

Wild Rose Fiona

Joining Shear Perfection Ranch/Enchantment Barbados Blackbelly Ranch in early 2013 are:

Barbadose Blackbelly ewe Lone Star Gaberdine 1Barbados Blackbelly Ewe Lone Star Gaberdine 2Barbados Blackbelly Ewe Lone Star Gaberdine 3

2013 Ewe Lone Star Gaberdine

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BB Ewe Lone Star Panache

2012 Ewe Lone Star Panache

Thank you to Becky & Mike Lannon of Lone Star Farm and Cynthia & Eldon Andersen of Wild Rose Farm for giving us the opportunity to own these fine animals.